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Koda International Hospital

Sanjay Choudhary Koda

Dr. Sanjay Choudhary is a bariatric surgeon who hails from Haryana state. He is a pioneer in this field and carries on scar less surgery. He has carved a niche in the healthcare industry. He has become very popular with his immense talent, potential and is always willing to help the patient by bringing a pleasant change in his patient’s lives. He has made use of his experience attained over the years to assist his patients with a scarless and painless method of body weight reduction through bariatric surgery.

He pursued his higher studies from London. He studied medicine and surgery area of expertise to help his patients and get a smile in their lives. Having performed several operations and surgeries, he has obtained an edge on this art. He has carried out different complex cases in this area. This way, he interacted with the best and top within this healthcare industry and learned a lot through them. Presently, he served at Shia Hospital in Dubai. He is very proficient in this area. He and his work are remarkable. He is unique with his empathy and cares that he provides to his patients. Dr. Sanjay Choudhary connects to his patients personally and emotionally to understand the in and out of the patient and to also make them comfortable and relaxed all through the process. He has an intense desire to gain knowledge and works on it, and so he became a successful doctor in every way.

The healthcare and medical sector are improving consistently, and the new and improved technology has also brought in dynamism in this area of work. However, it needs to be exercised appropriately and regularly. Dr. Sanjay Choudhary is always ensuring this and works towards it to be on par with the current and consistently enhanced technology. He is dedicated and committed to offering the best medical attention to his patients. He is always researching non-invasive methods and other best ways to provide a better and healthy life for his patients. He is motivated and clear about the research in this area. This is why he is a leading and successful doctor in this field.

He is inspired by the implementation and functioning of Robotic technology in modern surgeries in this field. He has successfully implemented this in his surgeries as well. This made him a path breaker in this field. He is very hardworking, determined, and enthusiastic in providing the right change in his patient’s lives through his work.

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